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Baccarat Rules

How to Play Baccarat

There are not many online casino games that offer a simple playing experience combinedbaccarat rules with a low house edge. But with that being said, baccarat fits nicely into both of these categories. For this reason, more and more people are beginning to play baccarat; both online and off. Generally speaking, betting on baccarat is just about as simple as it gets. To go along with this, the highest house edge that you will come across is 1.06 percent. Does it get any better than that?

The size of a regular baccarat table is similar to that of a craps table. One of the main reasons that many people stay away from the game of baccarat is that the minimum bets can be quite high. In other words, if you are not willing to spend some money, you may never get your crack at this game.

There are three dealers who are in charge of one baccarat table. To go along with them, you will notice up to 14 players. As you can see, baccarat is one of those games that allow a lot of players to get in on the action at the same time. Due to all of these players, baccarat can become a very exciting game.

In a game of baccarat, the deal will rotate around the table so that each player gets a crack. If you do not want to deal, there is nothing to worry about; you can simply pass your turn along to the next person. If the banker continues to win, the same player will continue to deal.

Starting the Baccarat Game

 To start, the player who is dealing will take two cards, place them face down, and then put them under the shoe. From there, the dealer gives the other two cards to the player who has bet the most on the player. This player will take a quick peak at the cards, and then give them back to the player who is dealing. The player who is in charge of dealing will then reveal the cards to the table, which leads to the dealer calling out the totals. Depending on the numbers that result, the dealer may ask for a third card to be dealt.

Finally, winning bets are paid out and losing ones are collected.

The rules of baccarat may sound difficult, but watch a few hands and you will notice just how easy the game is; especially when compared to others.

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