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Learn How to Play Keno

The game of keno is very similar to a lottery or bingo based game. For this reason, you do not need to have any skills in order to compete. The chances of winning are based entirely on luck, and have nothing to do with any skills that you may or may not have. Some players love the fact that they can play keno without having to strategize, but others would rather use skills to better their chances of winning. But no matter who you are, keno is a fun game that gives you the ability to win big money.

KenoFirst things first, you need to know how the game of keno is played. You will start out by taking a keno ticket which features numbers from 1 to 80. Your job is to choose 20 numbers. As you can imagine, you can choose any number that you want; of course, you can't choose the same one twice. This is very similar to the way that a state lottery is played. The only difference is that you are using a different type of card, and the game is on a different scale.

When the time comes, the casino will draw 20 numbers. You are paid based on your original wager depending on how many numbers on your ticket match those that were drawn. The more numbers that you match the more money you are going to win; just like the lottery. The nice thing about keno is that even though 20 correct numbers will make you a lot of money, you can still win even if you miss on a few. In other words, keno is not a hit or miss game; this is another great reason to consider playing.

The main reason that many players stay away from keno is because the house edge is so large. In fact, the house edge is larger than any other game that is offered at a casino. The edge can range anywhere from 4 percent all the way to 66 percent. Other casino games, with the exception of slot machines, have a house edge of anywhere between zero and five percent.

Keno originated in China more than 2,000 years ago. Even though the game is not the same today as it was early on, there are some similarities that carried on.

Overall, if you want the chance to win a lot of money without having to know a lot, the game of keno may be perfect for you.

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