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Video Poker Rules

How To Play Video Poker

In the 1970's, video poker was introduced to casinos. Ever since then they have beenvideo poker rules gaining in popularity. This is not to say that video poker is more popular than actually sitting at a table with other players, but it definitely has its place within the casino. Video poker offers many benefits such as the ability to use skill and strategy, a low house edge, and of course, the chance to play solo. Unlike table poker, with the video variety you are the only one playing video poker.

Benefits of Video Poker

Perhaps the biggest benefit of video poker is the simplicity of the rules. Unlike table poker, there are not many small details that will seem to hold you back time after time. To start a game of video poker, you will put anywhere from one to five coins into the machine of your choice. Just like most gaming machines, the more coins you bet the bigger the potential return. So make sure that you carefully think about this before you decide on how many coins to add or credits to play.

Once you have bet at least one coin, it is time to start playing. The machine will deal you five cards. If you have a winning hand right off the bat, good for you. This will make the rest of the game easier because you know you are going to win something.

After taking a close look at all five cards, you will choose which ones to keep and which ones to discard. The ones that you get rid of will then be replaced with others from the deck. At this time, the five cards that you have left are the ones that will determine whether or not you are a winner. Unlike in table poker, you do not need to have a better hand than anybody else to win. As long as you have a winning hand, such as a full house, pair, etc., you will get paid something. Your earnings are based on the payout scale which is available on top of your machine. And remember, the amount of your payout is based largely on how many coins you bet up front. For this reason, a lot of players like to bet the maximum for the greatest possible return.

There are many variations of video poker machines. Some games have multiple decks, and others offer wild cards. Additionally, payouts will differ on the type of video poker you are playing. These are all details to consider before you sit down to start playing.

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