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About Wiseguy

We started the Wiseguy sites because, to be honest, we love to gamble. And, we wanted to create a network of sites that would cover the most popular games. I cannot tell you the number of times I have been to Vegas and watched fellow gamblers hand their money over to the casinos because the had not taken the time to learn the rules of the games, correct money management techniques and the best strategies for being a winner at each game. Gambling should be a fun and rewarding experience. Armed with the proper information and mindful of his or her bankroll, the average gambler does have a chance to beat the casinos!

So, that is our mission. Create fun, informative sites that give the average gambler the tools he or she needs to walk away a winner! With that in mind, we hope you enjoy our websites as we continue to grow. It is our privilige to serve you. We hope we can make you a better, smarter gambler. Good Luck! And, above all, have fun!

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