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Gambling Tips and Gambling Wisdom From The Wiseguys

Often my friends and I (collectively known as the Wiseguys) have handed out gambling tips and other little nuggets of information to friends and other gamblers we have met along the way. Most of these take the form of how to gain a better chance of coming out a winner. Still others cover things such as the best casinos to play slots at, cheapest beers on the strip, where to find the best prices on shows or even the easiest ways to get around Las Vegas when the strip is backed up. Some are simply ways to change your gambling habits in order to have more fun.

Many times the reactions we receive run along the lines of “I wish someone had told me this before”. So, we thought we would list them here, as we remember them and find time to write them down. Maybe you have a few suggestions yourself. If so, please email them to:.


If we like what you send us, we will post it here. Feel free to include photos or an email address for people to contact you, if they wish. Please, no blatant advertising. We are trying to keep this fun.

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