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Learn About Craps

Craps is a popular casino game that is played with dice. When compared to other games that use cards to compete, craps is quite different. And in this case, different is definitely a good thing. After playing card games for hours on end, you may want to mix things up a bit. And there is no better change of pace than craps. Not only is this game based around tossing dice, but it is also one of the most exciting casino games as well. This holds true when playing craps online or at a casino.

CrapsCraps is a game that can be played by one player or more; this is another aspect that makes the game so much fun. Even though you can compete by yourself, once other players join you at the craps table you are sure to see just how much fun can be had. If you ever hear a lot of noise coming from a gaming table, there is a good chance that craps is being played. There is something about throwing dice and waiting to see what shows up that really gets players excited.

If you are playing craps at the casino, there will be four people who are not actually in the game; these are casino employees. They are known as two base dealers, a stickman, and a boxman. The base dealers are responsible for collecting and paying bets. The stickman announces each roll of the dice, and also collects them with his stick; hence the name. Finally, the boxman is in charge of keeping an eye on the dealers, guarding the chips, and handling the colors for each player.

There are many types of bets that you can make when playing craps. They include: a fire bet, line bets, single roll bets, and multi roll bets. Some of the most common line bets include: pass line, donít pass, pass odds, donít pass odds, come bet, and donít come. Singe roll bets include: Yo, 3, 2, 12, 2 or 12, craps, c and e, any seven, field, the horn, and whirl or wind. Multi roll bets include: hard way, easy way, big 6, big 8, place and buy, and lay.

Craps may be a game that is governed by a lot of rules, but they are well worth learning. Once you know how to play craps you will find that the game is fun, exciting, and potentially profitable. And with the ability to play at both online casinos and in person, you can always find a craps game to take part in.

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