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Poker Terms - Poker Terminology

Poker Terms Glossary

If you are going to play poker, you need to be aware of the poker terms that willPoker Termscome up time after time. Although you may not learn all of these up front, over time they will become like a second language to you. It is important to start with the basic terms, and then build your poker vocabulary from there.


Poker Terms

Act: To take your turn, or make any type of game play.

All In: The act of betting all of your chips.

Ante: The amount of money that each player adds to the pot before a hand starts.

Bank: The player who is responsible for the chips.

Bet: The money that is wagered by players.

Bust: When a player loses all of their chips.

Call: The act of matching another player’s bet, or raising them.

Chip: Form of poker currency.

Dealer: The person who gives out the cards.

Fold: To give up any chance of winning a particular hand.

No Limit: A type of poker in which players can bet as much as they want.

Raise: When a player increases the amount of a bet.

Rank: The value of the cards. For instance, a King ranks higher than a Queen.

Tilt: Playing with reckless abandon.

Although these are only the most basic of poker terms, they are the ones that you need to become familiar with before moving on.

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