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Buy Your Own Drinks

Why That Free Drink May Be The Most Expensive You’ve Ever Had

Free Drinks In The Casino

Complimentary drinks in a casino. For some gamblers this is the Holy Grail. You mean I get to play blackjack or sit a slot machine and someone brings me free beers? Buy Your Own Drinks Whoohoo! Many times when I tell people I am heading back out to Vegas I hear “have a great time sucking down those free drinks!” Usually, I’ll just nod my head and say something like “yeah, really looking forward to it.” Little do most of them know that, more often than not, I buy my own drinks.

Casinos Want You To Drink

There are several reasons why I’ll pay for my own drinks. But, first you have to understand why those drinks are free in the first place. The casino wants you to drink, plain and simple. The reasons should be fairly obvious. First, drinking inhibits your judgment. You are not going to make better decisions with a few drinks in you. But you already know that.

Getting free drinks from the casino makes you feel better about losing. I am sure you have heard this answer in response to your asking someone how they did at the casino; “I lost my ass. But, I drank a bunch of those free drinks!”

Waiting For A “Free” Drink Can Cost You A Lot

Waiting for a free drink can keep you at a losing table. This is probably the number one reason that I buy my own drinks. Many times I have been at a hot blackjack or craps table when the cocktail waitress shows up and I order a drink. Then, the table turns cold. I should get up and walk away at that moment. However, like many of you, I have fallen into the trap of thinking that the waitress will be back with my “free” drink any minute now. Might as well play a few more hands or see a few more rolls of the dice, whatever the case may be.

Waiting for that $8.50 drink has cost me $100 a number of times before I wised up. I should have just taken off when the table went cold. I knew it. Just didn’t do it because I was waiting on a lousy drink. Same thing has happened to me sitting in front of a slot machine. Machine went cold. I should have left, but didn’t. Waiting for that drink….

Buy Your Own Drink – A Good Excuse To Take A Break

I also like to take breaks from gambling. Get up and walk away from the tables and the machines. Find a bar, order a drink, watch part of a ballgame, horse race, NASCAR race – whatever they have on the television. Helps clear my head a little, keeps me fresh. I recommend taking frequent breaks during gambling, regardless. Helps to make you money last longer and you don’t end up with that gamblers blank stare you see on so many people in the casino.

For what’s its worth, these are my reasons for paying for my own drinks in a casino. Maybe I’ll see you at the bar. You can buy me a drink.

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