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Craps Terms - Craps Terminology

Craps Terms Glossary

Just like many casino games, craps has a language of its own. If you are not willing toCraps Terminology become familiar with the common craps terms, you will have a difficult time playing this game. For many, learning the terms that regulate the game is every bit as difficult as playing itself.


Craps Vocabulary

Aces: A bet that the next roll of the dice will total two.

Any Craps: Betting that the next dice roll will equal two, three, or 12.

Back Line: Also known as the Don't Pass Line.

Betting Right: A bet on a throw winning on a come or pass line bet.

Betting Wrong: A bet on a throw that will not pass on don't come or don't pass line bets.

Come Bet: Placed after a come out roll.

Edge: The advantage that the casino holds over the players.

Field Bet: Betting two, three, four, nine, 10, 11, or 12

Front Line: The same as pass line.

Line Bet: Betting on the don’t pass line or pass line.

Natural: On a come out roll, a seven or 11.

Payoff: The return you receive on your bets.

Point: This number is established based on the come out roll.

Shooter: The players who is rolling the dice.

Of course, these are not the only craps terms that you need to be familiar with. But all in all, they are the most basic and will give you a good working knowledge of the game. When you combine your knowledge of craps with these terms, you should be able to start playing soon enough.

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