Ex-Congressman: Obama Administration “Not Progressive”

May 15th, 2011 by Chuck

Toby Moffett, a former Congressman from Connecticut, is the founder and chairman of the Moffett Group, which engages in “government relations.” In other words, he is a lobbyist, and one of the issues he lobbies for is the legalization and regulation of online poker.

In that function, Moffett serves as a consultant to the Poker Players Alliance, which is a large group that has always campaigned for the rights of players to engage in online poker, trying to push along legislation that would make it so. they have greatly supported a bill that Barney Frank has proposed to impose regulations on the industry, while paving the way for legalization.

Moffett’s statement about the Department of Justice’s activities as they concerned shutting down three major poker sites (Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, Absolute Poker) on what the industry referred to as “Black Friday”:

“Why isn’t the Obama administration, a guy who likes to call himself the poker player in chief, why aren’t they on board and pushing this for the revenue, for the common sense approach? And from a progressive point of view, for those who want Barack to get re-elected, why would you throw overboard 10 million people-plus who are voters, college educated and who are not your voters? These are not progressive Democrats for the most part.”

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